Martin du Daffoy is specialized in the expertise, the purchase and the sale of precious stones and antique jewels. Since 1978, our bureau is also displaying exceptional art objects and chosen pieces of silverware.

          In our welcoming office of the place Vendôme, jewels are the witness to their respective era, taste and style.
Sharing his great knowledge in rare and collectible jewels, Martin du Daffoy offers jewel enthusiasts a choice of ornaments endowed with a soul as authentic as inimitable, as well as a selection of ancient stones with the most prestigious origins: Golconde diamonds, Cashmere sapphires and Mogok rubies...

          Each piece of jewellery is subjected to a technical, artistic and historical analysis.

          To those who wish to sell a piece of jewellery, Martin du Daffoy and his team can offer an immediate purchase of the expertized piece.

          Thus, since its installation in the heart of the Place Vendôme at the end of the last century, this family buisness brilliantly embodies the tradition and defends the legacy of this place of French jewellery.